CHS Peer Mentoring Group

Through group collaboration, students learn about relationships, gain understanding and increase empathy in the following areas: Leadership skills, coping strategies, mental health and addictions, and other seminal issues determined by the group. Following the presentation of materials, group members are given the opportunity to process what they have learned. Through the lens of their values, they build character, increase decision-making and communication skills, and gain a sense of belonging. Further, the program allows students to try newly acquired interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in an effort to increase empathy and acceptance of other socioeconomic, cultural, and religious groups. Students are then able to practice these skills and implement their newly acquired knowledge in the broader community, in an effort to create stronger healthier citizens.

Some of the outcomes of this group are to create higher rates of graduation, increase friendship and compassion, and reduce indifference and intolerance. Students relate feeling more connected to the school environment, to each other, and to the group leaders.