Hill Spring Learning Through Play Group

Cardston & District FCSS is pleased to announce their support for the Hill Spring Learning Through Play Group.  The group will be meeting on the Second and Fourth Tuesday of every month  from 9:00 - 11:30 am at the Hill Spring Community Centre.

Young children learn best through play, by acting out the world around them. They are able to experiment in a safe, planned environment, on their own with their peers, learning new skills and increasing their knowledge and development in a;; areas. Helping to create strong, ambitious, and independent individuals. 

The Learning Through Play group will be a structured environment with several play stations set up, each with a different game or activity that focuses on developing different abilities within the child. Each station will have a different topic based on the child's interest and will allow open-ended play experiences for the children to develop and hone their social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional development.