PLC Early Childhood Development

Parent Link Centre Early Childhood Programs provide a safe haven for children birth to five years of age to develop socially and for their parents and caregivers to enhance their parenting skills.

Play is one of the most important aspects of early childhood development. For the parents, this knowledge is key to providing positive experiences. Play:

  • offers an opportunity to bond with the parent, to learn family rules and expectations and how to act in society;
  • enhances a child’s cognitive skills and social and motor skills;
  • improves language skills and socialization;
  • helps children communicate emotions, and practice creative problem-solving.

The PLC staffs recognize that parenting can be a very isolating experience and the PLC programs allow the parents to meet and visit with other caregivers while interacting with their children. Parents learn about age-appropriate activities that can be done with their children and the importance of play in early brain development.  

PLC Early Childhood programs are held at the Cardston Provincial Building and provide a safe place for children to develop social connections.

A by-product to the program is the opportunity for parents to meet other parents of preschool children and build friendships.

Contact: Sonja Richards for Program Times (403) 653-7077