PLC After School Program

The Youth After School Programs at the Parent Link Centre helps socially isolated youth ages 6-12 engage positively with other youth that are experiencing the same self-doubts and often low self-esteem.

A variety of activities are offered so that the youth can select the one that helps them succeed and makes them feel most comfortable.

All youth are welcome but the majority of the youth that come to this Friday program are dealing with personal struggles and will not participate in main stream activities. They are not comfortable in large groups and often do not interact well with other youth. Under the watchful-eye of trained facilitators the youth participate in activities and gradually begin to feel integrated and at ease. The PLC is a safe-haven for youth that have been bullied, ostracized, ignored, or forgotten at school or in other social settings.

Many of the youth that attend the after-school programs are unable to participate in community and school activities whether because of cost or inability to make the team.